1. The Food Timeline: history notes--Asian-American cuisine

    Food Timeline: history notes--Asian American. Bird's Nest Soup Like Shark's fin soup, bird's nest soup was traditionally valued for its healthful properties.It is most often served as soup.

    Stories of Rock | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    In 1978, Van Halen's self-titled debut album gave rock 'n' roll an electrifying jolt of energy. Forty years later, Van Halen is considered one of the greatest debut records of all time—a vibrant rock 'n' roll masterpiece that reinvigorated heavy music.

    African American Music History Timeline – Originalpeople.org

    1700s: Slave trade brings West African rhythms, chants and song structures to America, which leads to the advent of blues, jazz and negro spirituals.

    LIFE | Time.com

    faith Billy Graham at Home: Rare Photos From the LIFE Archives It was at his home at Montreat, N.C., that the Rev. Billy Graham, "the father of modern Christian evangelism" and "spiritual advisor" to U.S. Presidents, died Feb. 21 at the

    Day in Rock Report: The top rock music news stories of the day

    Today's Day in Rock Stories Slash Working On A New Album To Be Released This Fall (hennemusic) On a break from his extended reunion tour with Guns N' Roses, Slash is currently in the studio working on his third studio album with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

    America Rocks and Rolls [ushistory.org]

    Alan Freed, the Cleveland disc jockey credited with coining the phrase "rock and roll," was the master of ceremonies at many of the first rock concerts, including his 1955 Easter Jubilee.

    Modern Jive - Ceroc, Le Roc, etc. - Videos, DVDs, Classes ...

    This site also has LOTS of links to Webs sites all over the world for Modern Jive and related dance styles such as Swing, Lindy Hop and Rock 'n' Roll.

    ROCK ON THE NET... your music resource and more - music ...

    RockOnTheNet.com presents The Top Pop Songs Of All Time! We have ranked the top pop songs that have charted over the past 50+ years on The ARC Weekly Top 40 and Billboard Hot 100, and come up with

    Rock Music Timeline - Official Site

    Rock music history timeline, an online chronology of rock and roll with vintage band photos, all the hit songs and albums in the first 50 years of rock & roll.

    Home - Elvis Presley Official Web Site

    Elvis.com is the Official Website of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll

    Rock and Roll Timeline - History of Rock - Origins of rock ...

    Rock and Roll Timeline. EffectivePapers.com and its professional writers prepare awesome non-plagiarized essays and research papers on rock and roll topics. 1877. Thomas Edison invents the phonograph for playing back stored sounds.

    100 Years of Rock Visualized - Concert Hotels

    Watch the development of rock music unfold and listen to it's musical influence over the past century.

    Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?

    May 28, 2016 · Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember? The most important musical form of the 20th century will be nearly forgotten one day. People will probably learn about the genre through one figure — but who might that be?

    The Food Timeline: history notes--bread

    Food Timeline: history notes--bread. Pita These versatile middle-eastern flatbreads are perhaps the oldest breads known.

    Civil Rights Movement -- History & Timeline, 1961

    Civil Rights Movement timeline 1961. University of Georgia Desegregated (Jan) In the summer of 1959, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes apply for admission to the Athens campus of the Unversity of Georgia (UGA).

    This Day in Rock - Official Site

    Rock Band, This day in rock, is a history of Rock n roll, Rock Music, and Rock Music History, growing everyday with facts about the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Eddie Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Santana to name a few.

    Geologic Formations - Grand Canyon National Park (U.S ...

    The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is a world-renowned showplace of geology. Geologic studies in the park began with the work of Newberry in 1858, and continue today.

    Origins of rock and roll - Wikipedia

    Rock and roll emerged as a defined musical style in the United States in the early to mid-1950s. It derived most directly from the rhythm and blues music of the 1940s, which itself developed from earlier blues, boogie woogie, jazz and swing music, and was also influenced by gospel, country and western, and traditional folk music.

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