qsm-4.5-15-bf waterjet cutting machine

It is applied to solve the issue that the ordinary waterjet cutting machine is unable to enter narrow sites of underground coal mines for cutting operations, in addition to the multi-storey platform of chemical enterprises and other environments restricted by water and electricity supply conditions, by realizing quick connection within a minute.

QSM-4.5-15-BF Split-type Waterjet Cutting Machine, independently developed by the company on the original portable Waterjet Cutting Machine basis.

Specifically, it is capable of separating the high-pressure mortar mixing device from the boost power unit and transporting the high-pressure mortar mixing device with the high-pressure hose connection to the site near the cutting operation, which is more convenient and resource-saving. The high-pressure mortar mixing device can match emulsion pumps or other liquid power units to conduct cutting operations under coal mines.

rated pressure: 50 (MPa)
work pressure: 45 (MPa)
gun nozzle diameter: 0.8 (mm)
cutting speed(10mm-thick steel plate): 90 (mm/min)
sound pressure level 90 (dB (A))
dimensions(length×width×height): 1740×785×1130 (mm)
equipment weight: 420 (kg)